By Maria Mayans, hostess of Hostal Aigua Clara 

19 hiking trails in 83 km2

Any time of year is ideal to visit Formentera.
The island has 32 multi-purpose circuits that can be traveled on foot or by bicycle. These 32 green routes are interlocking paths that add up to more than 100 kilometers, accessing imperceptible places from the road that allow to appreciate the island from another angle and most of them accessible by bicycle.

The importance of oceanic posidonia

Posidonia oceanica is an aquatic plant, from the Mediterranean, responsible for the underwater biodiversity of Formentera and the clarity of its waters.
Unesco declared the island’s posidonia meadows a World Heritage Site in 1999. Its presence allows many marine species to establish their home in the waters of Formentera and has a similar function to that of a reef that protects the coast from inclement weather.

Illetes, one of the best beaches in the world

Thanks to its beauty and high natural and scenic value it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
This beach is the most popular in Formentera and stands out for its calm and shallow waters. With a very lively atmosphere is the beach most acclaimed by tourists and locals, and especially by many yachts from Ibiza.
Here you will find different restaurants, you can rent parasols and sun loungers, and you can also practice water sports or diving.

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